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Total Tyre Solutions is proud to offer SuperCharge batteries to those who need reliable and long lasting power for their vehicles. We trust this brand for its exceptional quality and performance. Call or visit us and have your new car battery installed by professionals.

For more than 25 years, SuperCharge Batteries Pty Ltd has been one of the major players in the Australian battery market. Delivering blistering performance, high quality parts and craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime, SuperCharge Batteries will help you get the best out of any car. Explore the range of SuperCharge Batteries we offer today and let our team install one in your car.

Premium Quality Car Batteries Since Inception

Since its inception in 1984, SuperCharge Batteries has been distributing automotive, marine, industrial and motorcycle batteries of superior quality and value throughout Australia. It is now the leading distributor of Expanded Calcium Grid Maintenance-Free Batteries in the Oceania Region. SuperCharge Batteries make it easier to amplify your driving experience, and push cars to their limits. Get yours today!
Premium Quality Car Batteries in Rotorua
Automotive, marine, and industrial and motorcycle batteries of superior quality in Rotorua

For The Best Performance In Any Car

Battery grid technology has drastically changed in the recent years. Grids were traditionally made using gravity-casted lead-antimony alloys for both the positive and negative plates. Some manufacturers then shifted to casting lead-calcium alloys and now produce either a hybrid design of casted antimony and calcium, or casted calcium-calcium. Our batteries are made using patented EXG technology to deliver superior power and convenience. They are ISO 9002 and TUV certified which declares that the batteries are of high quality products. 
Our high performance car batteries are made using patented EXG technology to deliver superior power and convenience. They are ISO 9002 and TUV certified, which declares that the batteries are of high quality. These qualities make our batteries the best option for drivers who need extra power to drive longer, go farther, and have a better riding experience. Built to last, these batteries offer the best performance in any vehicle and in any driving condition.

Get yours today, and transform your car with the team at Total Tyre Solutions! Our car battery replacement service will help you go the extra mile. Contact us for enquiries about our products and services.
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